How am I feeling today!

From the moment the people are with you for forgetting the least interest in gestures of solidarity, forget them or they do not serve to be acquaintances, let alone be worthy of being called friend!
Maybe my words are harsh but that’s how I have been feeling over time. Alone never felt comfortable for people to call a friend, anxious and suspicious alive clinging to any chance of affection expressed by someone. But I’ve never felt so alone!
My inner is always the question that must be done to achieve happiness. But complete happiness is a dream pursued by many people conquered and exploited by few. Perhaps for many things that I have ever witnessed, lived and made me what I am now, but if all I know is wrong as I do to go back and start to hit?
The depression got me again, relentlessly led me to have bad feelings and think that I would never trust anyone again. Hearing my mother say that her best friends are those who are with you in times of great difficulty made him realize that she’s right. People can not handle failures well and funds mainly to losses of those around. Seeing this on the perspective of those who are most often alone and secluded in their thoughts and feelings do seem to outsiders who see that I’m jealous of the happiness of others. But nobody knows how much I suffer to be alone, no one knows how much has already envied the joy among a group of friends at a mall or events. And after the fiasco of a friendship lost for various reasons I see that I am not prepared to call people friends.
I’m really sad =/
I do not know if there will be a cure for that!

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